Skip Paris and drive north – Normandy and Brittany over a long weekend

Are you familiar with that tingling desire to visit a specific place? A wish so persistent that you just find yourself one day getting into the car and driving to the very place, even if it takes thousand kilometres to reach it?
No? Neither did I until last May when I went to see two of such places.

It sounds almost like a movie plot. Almost. In real life, where you work full-time, part- time, or even joggling between two jobs, a bit of planing is necessary to do such a trip. It is not spontaneous like in the movies but it’s even more beautiful because you are there, being part of the experience and not just a spectator. Good news is that it’s doable over the long weekend. This time Thursday (for us it was a regional holiday) to Sunday.

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How to spend a long weekend in…wait for it…Petra!

Weekend is the (almost) everyone’s favourite part of the week.
I think I speak for most of the people, that are studying or working, when I say that the weekend became an oasis for our beloved hobbies, enjoying a cup of coffee at the favourite café, party with friends or simply getting some well-needed sleep. It is also a perfect time to travel, especially if you have a long weekend (Friday – Monday or their three-day combinations (permutations maybe not) or variations) at your disposal. With travelling being my favourite activity (who would ever guessed), it came across my mind to write couple of blog posts about some compact trips you can do during long weekends, this one being the first of the group.

Camels resting in front of Treasury

What if I told you that long weekend trips can also become long distance trips?
Buckle up, we are flying to one exquisite country: Jordan.

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My first overseas experience – Cuba

When you hear Cuba, what are the first things that come across your mind?Cuba Libre, revolution, Che, salsa, rum, cigars…the list is quite long, right?

Street dancers in old Havana (Habana Vieja), 2017.

In my mind it is always something exotic and colourful. It is a place that inspired Hemingway for one of my favourite books of all times – The old man and the sea. It is a place where Buena Vista Social Club comes from, and heart and soul of the Caribbean. 

Cuba was a special and life-changing journey for me and I would like to pass on some tips and tricks to everyone interested in visiting this country. I am two years late on writing this article but I would be more than happy if it inspires at least one person to do this kind of trip.

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