5 reasons to visit Venice in winter

There is still one of which you never speak.’
Marco Polo bowed his head.
‘Venice’ the Khan said.
Marco smiled. ‘What else do you believe I have been talking to you about?’
The emperor did not turn a hair. ‘And yet I have never heard you mention that name.’
And Polo said: Every time I am describing a city, I am saying something about Venice.’

Italo Calvino, Invisible cities

Basilica Santa Maria della Salute
Basilica Santa Maria della Salute

I feel like Marco Polo‘s home has been underestimated as a winter travel destination. Being lucky enough to be able to visit it several times a year, I have witnessed many different versions of it and appreciated each one of them for different reasons.

It was sunny and welcoming in spring, hot without a dash of wind during hot summer afternoon but with the most beautiful sunset, gloomy under the fog in autumn, cold and reserved in winter. Only “acqua alta” or the high water is missing on my list. But that must be an adventure too, I am quite sure. I would like to share this winter version with you.

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