My first overseas experience – Cuba

When you hear Cuba, what are the first things that come across your mind?Cuba Libre, revolution, Che, salsa, rum, cigarsโ€ฆthe list is quite long, right?

Street dancers in old Havana (Habana Vieja), 2017.

In my mind it is always something exotic and colourful. It is a place that inspired Hemingway for one of my favourite books of all times – The old man and the sea. It is a place where Buena Vista Social Club comes from, and heart and soul of the Caribbean. 

Cuba was a special and life-changing journey for me and I would like to pass on some tips and tricks to everyone interested in visiting this country. I am two years late on writing this article but I would be more than happy if it inspires at least one person to do this kind of trip.

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