How to spend a long weekend in…wait for it…Petra!

Weekend is the (almost) everyoneโ€™s favourite part of the week.
I think I speak for most of the people, that are studying or working, when I say that the weekend became an oasis for our beloved hobbies, enjoying a cup of coffee at the favourite cafรฉ, party with friends or simply getting some well-needed sleep. It is also a perfect time to travel, especially if you have a long weekend (Friday – Monday or their three-day combinations (permutations maybe not) or variations) at your disposal. With travelling being my favourite activity (who would ever guessed), it came across my mind to write couple of blog posts about some compact trips you can do during long weekends, this one being the first of the group.

Camels resting in front of Treasury

What if I told you that long weekend trips can also become long distance trips?
Buckle up, we are flying to one exquisite country: Jordan.

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